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Google Books Gets First E-Reader, One of “Many” Devices

Google and IRiver have announced a partnership to bring a Google Books e-reader to market.  According to our good friends at, the e-reader will have access to millions of free Google Books along with hundreds of thousands of premium Google Books titles. Currently Google Books is only available for Android devices.  Google Books made

The New Android Market Vs The Old

We reported late Friday night that the Android Market is making a major overhaul over the next couple of weeks. Eric Chu reporterd and outlined some of the major changes for the new Android market on the Android Developer’s Blog. One of the things that struck a nerve was the new App download refund policy.

Black Friday Map For Your Android Phone

After your Thanksgiving feast this week there are two big things left on your list, Football and Black Friday. Well the folks at Deal Map can’t tell you that Auburn is going to win the Iron Bowl but they can tell you where the Black Friday sales are. So if you’ve frantically spent the last

Special Alert: the Target App is awesome!

I don’t do a lot of app reviews, for a handfull of reasons. An app has to really blow me away in order for me to give a full review of it, mainly because I cycle through app constantly. I average about $12 in apps, just to give perspective. My graveyard (you know, that list