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Tag Play Brings Award Winning Funpark Friends Title To Android

Ever since Maxis released the first Sim City title in the late 80’s the simulation category has been thriving. When Zynga introduced a social aspect of simulation games, the category skyrocketed. Now there is a simulation game for every category. The success of the game depends on gameplay, graphics and now social interaction. All three

TapJoy Honored By Fast Company At A Top 50 Most Innovative Company

Tapjoy made a mark for themselves in the in-app payment space on both iOS and Android and in the process started a new kind of app payment method and continued innovating the mobile gaming industry. It was announced Wednesday that Fast Company has named TapJoy to their 50 most innovative company list for innovations in

Steam Punk Fans Your Android Game Has Arrived: Gaslight

A new game has arrived in the Android Market today called Gaslight. Gaslight transports you to a steam punk world called Eastland. Once you arrive in Eastland you need to both build up your post apocalyptic city and defend it. You’re either part of The Coalition or The Underground. Both sides are battling over much

TapJoy Moving Towards A Personal App Recommendation Platform

About six months ago TapJoy got into a heated battle with Apple over virtual currency and apps that promoted other apps within the app itself. If you’re not familiar with TapJoy they are a company, that until recently, specializes in, in-app purchasing and monetizing applications.  They are very active in the app community in Silicon

[Exclusive] Contract Killer Headed To Android Soon

The Popular iPhone game Contract Killer is making its long awaited debut on Android very soon and Thedroidguy has the exclusive. Below you’ll see a group of exclusive photo’s of the game in action. Glu Mobile is at it again with another hit on their hands this time bringing the ever so popular Contract Killer to