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Have “Talk Time” And “Stand By Time” Become Outdated

With the release of the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt in limbo, and battery issues being the rumored reason, it brings a question back to us that we started asking a year or so ago and that is: Has “Talk Time” Become outdated.

Current cell phones (non smartphones) now boast 12+ hours of Talk time and 8,432,343 hours of stand by time (ok that’s an exaggeration if you didn’t know that already)

For years, OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) have been using the subjective measurements of talk time vs standby time to boast the battery life of their devices.¬† Talk Time is the amount of hours you can use your phone with the radio on transmitting and receiving both sides of the conversation. Stand by time is the amount of time you’re not in a call, therefore consuming less power.

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