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TAG Heuer bringing new collection of smartwatches in 2017

TAG Heuer - Android Wear

#TAGHeuer released its first premium #AndroidWear smartwatch last year with a relatively steep asking price of $1,400. The company has now announced that there will be more coming over the course of 2017, with “six to eight models” said to be incoming next year. The company’s current offering is priced at $1,400, but despite this, it is said to have sold relatively well for the company.

With the company keen on releasing more variants, we’re guessing that there will be more affordable models available as well. This should help TAG Heuer establish itself in the Android Wear segment. It’s yet to be ascertained as to when in 2017 these smartwatches will be revealed, but the company has stressed that this will be a “real collection”, so it seems like the releases will be spread apart.

The company expects the smartwatch market to grow significantly and estimates that this market will make up for 1/3 of its business in the years to come.

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Source: Reuters

TAG Heuer’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatch to cost $1400

TAG Heuer - Android Wear

TAG Heuer - Android Wear

We heard about TAG Heuer’s intentions to launch an Android Wear smartwatch, partnering with Intel in the process. We now have fresh word on this wearable and its pricing. It is said that the smartwatch could set you back by at least $14o0, which is a good 4-5 times pricier than the current crop of Android Wear smartwatches.

As of now, the most expensive Android Wear smartwatch comes from LG in the form of the Watch Urbane with a price tag of $349.99, but that’s all set to change with TAG Heuer joining the fray soon. It is said that the company intends to bring the wearable to the markets by November this year.

TAG Heuer claims that this wearable will have a 4o hour battery life as well, which could give it a massive advantage over rivals like Apple Watch which can barely offer a day’s usage. You can combine the incredible battery life with the premium grade steel design and you have yourself a smartwatch that will be tough to beat in the market. We can see plenty of takers for this wearable despite the steep price tag. What do you think?

Source: Bloomberg

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Tag Heuer partners with Google and Intel for new Android Wear smartwatch

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer has just announced a partnership with Google and Intel to bring a new luxury Android Wear smartwatch to the market. It is said that this wearable will take on the recently unveiled Apple Watch, which is expected to be one of the most talked about luxury smartwatches in the market.

The companies are yet to give away launch details of the smartwatch, so it will be interesting to see what this partnership holds in store for fans of the Android Wear platform. Google’s wearable OS currently utilizes Qualcomm SoCs, so this also implies that there could be Intel silicon used in future iterations.

The quality of Swiss watches is renowned worldwide. When this is allied with the creative technology and global power of two companies like Intel and Google, using the Android Wear platform and based on Intel technology, we can see the launch of a technological revolution in our industry, of which I am proud to be a pioneer today with TAG Heuer,” said Guy Sémon, General Manager of TAG Heuer.

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Via: Bloomberg