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Microsoft Targets to Make 3 Million+ of Surface Tablets

Last June, Microsoft had introduced their very own line of tablet computers making a huge shift for a software giant company aiming to compete with Apple and other Android tablet manufacturers. After the announcement, Microsoft has left in silence to focus on their upcoming products. The International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research and analysis firm specializing in information technology had predicted that Microsoft will make more than 3 million pieces of Surface tablets.

Two types of Surface tablets will be out in the market. First is the Surface RT that is built with ARM processors which will be launched together with the Windows 8 before holiday season. This would be a lighter and thinner version that will feature Microsoft’s popular Office suite applications. It will possess 10.6 inch screen that will come with 32GB and 64GB memory sizes which will be thinner in body. The second Surface model will be an Intel-based processor tablet that is thicker and heavier than the ARM version but is designed to run the full suite of Windows software. It will also have a 64GB and 128GB memory respectively but will be out around 3 months after the first model is launched. The two models will include a super thin keyboard that will also serves as a cover for the device and will both run with Windows 8 operating system.

According to IDC analyst Bob O’Donnel from a phone interview with CNET, probably a little over 3 million pieces of Surface tablets, both Intel x86 and ARM, will be manufactured by the end of 2012. He also said, “If they build a few million units, there’s no way they can sell it through Microsoft store only. So I think that they will sell it through traditional retail also. You can’t build that many products without having a much wider distribution strategy. They just haven’t shared that strategy yet.”

Growth in tablet computing sales will definitely triple in the next two years and therefore outpace the growth in traditional PCs. What do you think about Microsoft’s Surface tablets?