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Exclusive: Motorola Trademark Revealing Atrix Tablet Dock?

While we were attending MWC in Barcelona last month we talked to some people from Motorola Mobility who spoke to us “off the record” about the new dock accessories for the Motorola Atrix.

We learned earlier this month that the Motorola Lap Dock accessory was headed to Verizon to be used with the Droid Bionic and that Motorola Mobility was going to continue to use the “dock accessory” technology in future high end smartphones.

When we were at MWC we off-handedly suggested that the Atrix could just as easily be docked to a tablet the same way it was docked to the lap dock. Of course we also felt it may interfere with sales of their flagship Honneycomb Xoom tablet with enterprise users.

Tonight we heard the rumor about a tablet dock and we were directed to search those “government databases” well that tip has paid off and although it seems everyone missed it, back in January just ten days after CES Motorola Mobility filed for the trademark for the Motorola “Tab Dock”

There’s no official word on this except the filing and the discussions that we’ve had but the Atrix is already dockable to TV’s and keyboards to support a desktop environment, the Lap Dock to support a laptop environment so why not a tablet?

Although it wouldn’t feature the frills from Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread device still supports Flash and has that uber cool docking ability.

Time will tell.

Source: USPTO