How to fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 that won’t turn on?

If you just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it won’t turn on out of the box, just put it back in together with all its accessories and manuals and return it to the store and have it replaced. Manufacturers make sure that their devices are working out of the factory and their

How to fix Galaxy Tab S4 “Not Registered On Network” error

This troubleshooting article gives you the details in fixing “Not Registered On Network” error on Galaxy Tab S4. If you are one of the unfortunate users to have this problem, don’t worry as the solutions are usually within your grasp. “Not Registered On Network” is one of the common errors that can occur on any smartphone. If

How to fix a Galaxy Tab S4 if it is unresponsive or won’t turn on

Smartphones sometimes freezes or becomes unresponsive. Not all software bugs can be anticipated by developers to any electronic device can encounter a hiccup. In this post, we bring you solutions and troubleshooting steps that you can do when a Galaxy Tab S4 has become unresponsive, or worse, won’t turn on at all. Problem: Galaxy Tab

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 that keeps rebooting on its own

Performance issues occur from time to time regardless how impressive the hardware specs of your device is. Such is the case with some of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 who reported to us that their devices started to keep on rebooting by themselves without apparent reason or cause. I personally encountered this