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T-Mobile will have nano SIM cards for the iPhone 5 very soon

T-Mobile will have nano SIM cards for the iPhone 5 very soon

Now that the iPhone 5 has been made available and that the phone’s shipping will start very soon, early adopters are concerned about the availability of the nano SIM card from their favorite wireless carrier for the iPhone 5. One of the top wireless carriers in the US, T-Mobile is one among the few who will be offering the unlocked version of the iPhone 5. But how many customers will be buying one?

If you buy an iPhone with a contract and then think of unlocking it, that is a bit risky. And if you plan on buying an unlocked iPhone 5, that is too pricey (easily $600+). But still, people would love to have an unlocked iPhone and use the SIM card of their favorite wireless carrier. But the problem here is, to make the iPhone as slim as possible, the Cupertino tech giant, Apple, has started making nano SIM card slots in the iPhone. But the nano SIM is not yet a standard and therefore is not offered by every carrier.

But if you are a very faithful customer of T Mobile and would like to have an unlocked iPhone with a T Mo SIM card in it, you will be happy to know that the wireless carrier will start offering nano SIM cards for the new iPhone by mid October. A tweet from @T-MobileHelp earlier in the week revealed this news. CNET writes:

“For everyone waiting in line for their new iPhone, they’ve got to do something with their original product,” Harry Thomas, director of marketing at T-Mobile, told CNET on Monday.

But the problem is, iPhone is not in full support of T Mo’s 3G bands, and most customers of the carrier will be stuck up with the slower 2G data speed. But people living in New York; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; or Las Vegas should not have much of an issue as the carrier’s 4G network is up and running in these areas. What about you? Will you buy a T Mobile nano SIM card?

Source: CNET