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T-Mobile De-Prioritizes Data For Unlimited Users Over 21 GB

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T-Mobile just made a change over the weekend to its unlimited data offering that doesn’t really make it as unlimited as before. As of now, if you are on their “truly unlimited” plan and use over 21 GB of data in a month, your data will be “de-prioritized” during peak hours.

However, this change is not totally new. T-Mobile previously had a more vague stance on the issue, which was de-prioritizing users who used more data than the top 97% of users in a congested area. This new policy is outlined on their pages for both Individual and Family plans.

When you use over 21 GB of data on an unlimited plan, your account will be flagged for the rest of your billing cycle. Once that is over, you will experience full-speed data during peak hours again. So unless you are using your phone during peak hours after being flagged, you will continue to have access to full-speed data in a less congested area.

However, the FCC recently fined AT&T $100 million for throttling unlimited users so it remains to be seen if they do the same to T-Mobile. Are any of you possibly going to experience this?

Source: TmoNews