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Uncarrier 10 Coming From T-Mobile November 10

After stealthily being teased by CEO John Legere back in mid-September, Uncarrier version 10 will fully be unveiled by T-Mobile on November 10th. The event will be in L.A. and has the tagline, “We never hit pause.” There are not many clues about what Uncarrier 10 could be about, but John Legere did say that Uncarrier

T-Mobile Drops Prices Of Tablets And Gives Them More Data

When T-Mobile does something like this, you need to take notice. As part of their three day initiative this week (which is Uncarrier 5) to change pain points in the wireless industry, today’s topic has to deal with tablets. Usually when you buy a Cellular-capable tablet, you have to pay extra for that model over

Virgin Mobiles Offering $100 to Users Switching Over from T-Mobile

Barely a month ago, T-Mobile launched their new price setups dubbed ‘Uncarrier’ which focuses more on providing cheaper prices to subscribers with no contracts on handsets bought.  Not so long later, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam praised T-Mobile’s move and said that Verizon may consider going contract-free as well in the future.  In what it is