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T-Mobile Music Freedom

T-Mobile Music Freedom Now Supports 11 Additional Services

T-Mobile’s Music Freedom, the feature that lets T-Mobile customers stream music without hitting their data allotments, is expanding. Today T-Mobile has added support for 11 additional services, bringing the total to 44 services. T-Mobile says that since Music Freedom launched in June 2014, T-Mobile says that 196 million songs are being streamed using that service,

T-Mobile Adds 3 New Services To Music Freedom

For those of you who might not remember, T-Mobile offers a free service to all customers called “Music Freedom.” This allows users who use select music services to stream all┬ámusic without it using their data plan. Today, T-Mobile has added three new services to the program. These new services are┬áTidal Music, BandCamp, and MixCloud. While