AT&T Files Formal Response To DOJ

AT&T has filed a response to the US Department Of Justice Lawsuit that was brought on to block the proposed AT&T /T-Mobile merger.  What AT&T has said may be shocking to you. AT&T claims that the removal of T-Mobile from the competitive landscape would do no harm to consumers.  When the Department of Justice filed

MyTouch 4G Free At T-Mobile

Call it preparation for the upcoming T-Mobile MyTouch 4GSlide or call it just another great Fourth of July sale but T-Mobile has marked down the My Touch 4G to nothing. This sale is only online and only runs through Thursday but nevertheless it’s still an awesome price for a really good piece of Android hardware.

A brief recap of TMobile Senate hearings

The hearing title was (No Joke) “Is Humpty Dumpty Being Put Back Together Again?” Most of the major players were on hand today.  AT&T – Randall Stephenson; TMobile – Phil Humm; Sprint – Dan Hesse; Cellular South – Victor Meena; along with Senators: Leahy, Kohl, Lee, Grassley, Klobuchar, Franken, and Cornyn.

Sprint Buying T-Mobile, It’s Just A Rumor

One of the things I love about the :30 second news cycle is how quickly rumors become fact and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones so me and are definitely guilty of fueling the rumor fire from time to time as well. I’ve been trying for