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T-Mobile Wideband LTE Is Now In Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut and are a T-Mobile customer, there’s good news for you. T-Mobile just launched their faster 15+15 and 20+20 MHz LTE networks in many markets in the state. This upgrade means you’ll be able to experience faster downloads with a peak download speed of 110 Mbps. These are the markets the new

T-Mobile Now Has LTE In 230 Million POPs Across The US

Today T-Mobile announced that they have hit their mid-year LTE expansion goal, which is to have 230 million points-of-presence of 4G LTE. This means that their network is continuing to expand and grow, filling in gaps where the network was unavailable previously. Neville confirmed we hit 230M POPs of LTE! Met our goal but still going! Where you

T-Mobile Plans For A Large Increase Of LTE Cell Sites

  Fresh off their upgrade of high speed data limits, T-Mobile has just announced something else that’s big. Today, on the anniversary of launching their LTE network, they now plan to have 50% of its Edge network converted to LTE by the end of 2014. In their first year of having an LTE network, the