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T-Mobile LG G2

Get A Refurbished LG G2 For $159 On eBay

The LG G4 will be available within the next month or so, but it’s two-year old predecessor is still a very good device. And you can get one for just $159.99 on eBay. This specific device is a T-Mobile variant, so it is locked to that carrier. Even if you ask T-Mobile to unlock the device, there

The T-Mobile LG G2 Is Now Getting Android 5.0

A few days after its counterpart on Verizon got Lollipop, now the T-Mobile variant of the LG G2 is getting Android 5.0. This is the same Lollipop as on other devices, except optimized for T-Mobile’s network. The actual version of Android included here in 5.0.2, so you also get a few bug fixes with this