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T-Mobile Family Plans Now Can Have Up To 10 Lines

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If you’re a T-Mobile customer who has a lot of users on their account, this news should excite you. Starting now, you can have up to 10 different lines on your account, up from the previous maximum of 5. This is a great change for users who have large families or friends who have the same bill, but don’t want to be on Sprint (who has their own Framily 10 line plans).

However, you can only create up to six lines on the T-Mobile website. If you want more than 6 lines, you need to either go to your local T-Mobile store or call their telesales number. You must also all share the same billing address in the same T-Mobile market. This information isn’t that obvious, but it’s in the fine print at the bottom of the family plan page.

Family Plans: Up to 10 lines with qualifying credit and plan (6-line total limit with available credit on; see store or call telesales to add more). All lines must be activated in the same T-Mobile market with the same billing address.”



T-Mobile also says that if you sign up for one of the new 6 or more line plans, you’ll be eligible for their data discount on their 1 GB line. From when you sign up until January 2nd 2016, you will get 2.5 GB of LTE data instead of 1 GB. After that date, you will be returned to 1 GB of LTE data. This is the same for users who just want 4 or 5 lines.

So if you’ve been wanting to condense your bill for having more than 5 users before, now you can have up to 10 lines if you go to your local T-Mobile store. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, how does this change to their plans affect you? Or if you’re not a customer, does this help you to possibly become one?

Source: T-Mobile via TmoNews