SwiftKey Flow Outs New Improved Beta

One of the advantages of using Android smartphones is that there is a wide range of customizations you can do to personalize it. One such customization that you can do is replacing the default Android stock keyboard with something that is more convenient to use. This is where SwiftKey Flow comes in. SwiftKey Flow is

SwiftKey Flow Will Be An Update To SwiftKey

Since SwiftKey Flow just recently launched into beta, there has been a lot of good feedback regarding how well the app performs. That said, many are excited and anxious awaiting its launch, but there’s only one question: is Flow going to be a separate app from SwiftKey? Or even an update adding the feature to SwiftKey? Things

SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Available For The Public

If you’ve ever used Swype and were frustrated with how it functions, you might want to give a similar app, SwiftKey Flow, a try, as the beta has just dropped and is ready for the masses to try. If you’ve tried Swype and liked the thought of it, you really need to try out SwiftKey

New Video Surfaces Showcasing SwiftKey Flow

  We’ve seen a video in the past showcasing what SwiftKey’s new Flow keyboard is capable off. They’ve even said that the beta for the app would be coming very soon. The video that was first released didn’t really show all that SwiftKey Flow was really capable of though. That has changed as SwiftKey has

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard Review

Avaialble On: Android Price: $2.99 Download: Google Play SwiftKey 3 is amazing. It predicts what I am going to say 80% of the time, and often, when I am sending someone a text asking them how’s it going and if they want to hang out or not, I don’t even have to type a single word