SwiftKey Releases Festive Christmas Update

SwiftKey owners will be delighted to hear that an update is available which has brought a new festive theme to the popular keyboard. Not only that, but for a limited time only you can grab SwiftKey 3 (for smartphones and tablets) for 50% off its original pricing. If you can get the predictive keyboard while it’s on sale, you’ll

SwiftKey Flow Will Be An Update To SwiftKey

Since SwiftKey Flow just recently launched into beta, there has been a lot of good feedback regarding how well the app performs. That said, many are excited and anxious awaiting its launch, but there’s only one question: is Flow going to be a separate app from SwiftKey? Or even an update adding the feature to SwiftKey? Things

SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Available For The Public

If you’ve ever used Swype and were frustrated with how it functions, you might want to give a similar app, SwiftKey Flow, a try, as the beta has just dropped and is ready for the masses to try. If you’ve tried Swype and liked the thought of it, you really need to try out SwiftKey

SwiftKey 3 And SwiftKey For Tablets Half-Off

A lot of awesome apps are going on sale on Google Play for Thanksgiving weekend here. Gameloft was first to start the train rolling, but now SwiftKey is jumping on board too! Both smartphone and tablet versions of the extraordinary powerful SwiftKey keyboard are now half off. If you’ve been waiting to get SwiftKey because you weren’t

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard Review

Avaialble On: Android Price: $2.99 Download: Google Play SwiftKey 3 is amazing. It predicts what I am going to say 80% of the time, and often, when I am sending someone a text asking them how’s it going and if they want to hang out or not, I don’t even have to type a single word

SwiftKey 3 Update Launched Today, Many Bug Fixes For Galaxy S III Included

Ah, SwiftKey, you fantastic bloke, you’ve done it again! SwiftKey is fantastic isn’t it? Especially now that they’ve issued out an incremental update to its applications for both Android powered phones and tablets this morning. It was headlined by the most anticipated addition of continuous voice typing and two new themes. Voice dictation support will

Review: SwiftKey 3 – A Custom Keyboard For Your Convienience

Available On: Android Price: Free, Paid – $3.99 Download: Google Play SwiftKey 3 is a custom designed keyboard by the SwiftKey developers. This Keyboard is so amazing I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. I guess I will start with how it works. SwiftKey 3 is unique from any other keyboard out

SwiftKey 3 Is Now A Top Successful App on Google Play

SwiftKey 3 has taken the top spot in the list of top paid apps in Google Play. After being released as a beta version just a couple of months ago, it has made its way to the number one position. Following Swift Key 3 in the list is Temple Run: Brave from Disney; Draw Something