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Samsung Galaxy Note Has Swelling Battery Issue, No Free Replacement Yet

Samsung is regarded as one of the leading companies in the world that manufactures high quality Android devices. This doesn’t mean however that their devices are perfect as some problems usually tend to arise. Take for instance the battery swelling issue that has affected several batches of their Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 smartphones. Right now this very same problem is also affecting the Galaxy Note from 2011 and above.

samsung galaxy note

Several owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note are reporting that the battery of their device has swollen. The batteries have grown to unusually large sizes which is not normal. Those affected are concerned that the batteries may explode or pose a health risk.

While owners of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 who faced the same problem were offered a free battery replacement the same cannot be said for Note owners. This is because the battery warranty is only good for six months and the battery swells after the first year of usage. A petition however has been started to make Samsung replace the swelling batteries.

The best solution right now for owners of the Note experiencing this problem is to purchase a new battery and dispose of the old one.

Samsung commented on this issue stating that occurrences such as this does not mean that the batteries are defective but instead means that the batteries have reached its end of useful life. This line of reasoning might be flawed since if it were true then we would have seen several thousands of cases of swollen batteries on various mobile devices. The problem is that this issue seems to affect Samsung devices.

Just last month the company was forced to act on the swelling battery issue affecting the Samsung Galaxy S4. Carriers have even reported that up to 30 percent of Galaxy S4 owners have been reporting the problem. An announcement made by the company stated that “We are aware of this issue, which has affected a limited number of customers. We ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service centre, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge. We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers.”

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