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Apple Survery Shows Top Reasons as to Why Users Prefer Android

As the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit continues to make headlines on a daily basis, consumers sure have been treated with numerous documents from the court battle. We’ve seen numerous documents that people have just bee shocked about. This latest one hasn’t really be shocking, but it is Apple essentially putting a percentage graph showing why

Millions Of AT&T Customers Overpaying For Data

AT&T’s data has been a hot news item as of late. They recently lost a small claims lawsuit by a customer who was throttled even though he had unlimited data for the iPhone.  Now, a study reported via consumer reports revealed that over half of AT&T’s customers may be paying too much for data. The

Poll: Google One Of The Most Reputable Companies In The USA

Research firm Harris Interactive has conducted a poll with more than 30,000 respondents ranking the 60 most visible companies in America on 20 different attributes.  The study in it’s 12th year is called the Harris Interactive RQ Study.  Overall the study revealed that corporate America’ reputation is improving. In the 2011 survey 16 companies scored

T-Mobile Best Place For Tablet Purchases, Says Analyst

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has made it’s appearance on all 4 carriers and the ipad is at 2 carriers, what is the best place to get a tablet and other data intensive devices like netbookd and internet cards? Well, according to Current Analysis’ Deepa Karthikeyan that place, in the United States, is T-Mobile!

Motorola Tops Android Phones in Latest Changewave Survey

Let’s preface this piece by saying in the most recent Changewave survey of customer satisfaction with smartphones, the iPhone was the number 1 with 78% however this is an Android website so let’s get into that… The latest survey by Changewave looked at reactions and impressions of new smartphone owners.  According to research firm Gartner

No sex in the champagne room? Not according to Samsung!

Smartphones are great. I cannot begin to tell you how this phone has become such a part of my life, and how much LESS time I spend at the computer because of this device. Are you like me? Probably. In fact, a survey from Samsung recently tells me that alot of you are exactly like