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2013 Black Friday Tablet Sales

Black Friday is almost here, and just as we start looking to buy gifts for our loved ones, we suddenly realize that there’s a lot to choose from. So to make your choice a little easier, we have compiled a list of tablets which are being sold for more than decent discounts by major online

Next Surface RT tablet will have Qualcomm mobile chip

Microsoft will not be giving up on Windows RT straight away it seems, despite expectations not being met, with new rumours fleshing out about the next Surface RT range. According to new reports, some tablets will come with Qualcomm chips instead of NVIDIA, although the company will continue to use NVIDIA Tegra chips in some

Microsoft Offers Surface RT For $199 To Educational Institutions

Microsoft is pushing for its Surface RT tablet to be used by more students in classrooms. The company’s Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project is making sure of this by providing individuals linked to educational institutions an easier and affordable way to get the tablet. Just last week the company announced that they will

Future of the Tablet Industry, What Should We Expect

The tablet industry is currently crowded with all sorts of tablets, but one can’t imagine the industry without the Apple iPads. Sure, there hasn’t been anything new in terms of software, and that’s basically a lot to do with Apple itself and not the hardware inside the iPads. However, other manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung have

Microsoft Surface RT Gets an Update/Bug Fix

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are somewhat of a failure to be honest. It all began with the Surface RT, which didn’t manage to excite users and even if it did, they were disappointed afterwards. This was however supposed to be changed with the Surface Pro, which didn’t do all that well either. The tablet apparently sold

Microsoft Might Have Only Sold About 230,000 Surface RT Tablets

The Microsoft Surface tablets were proudly announced by the Redmond giant back in June 2012. It was interesting to see the company’s approach towards the tablet industry as they had a regular tablet in the form of the Surface RT, which was aimed at the average tablet user. And a hardcore tablet with similar design

Over 180 Million Tablets Will be Shipped in 2013 Claims Report

The tablet marketshare has substantially increased over the past few years and with good reason. The market which was more or less dominated by the Apple iPad, saw the emergence of the budget tablets like Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 which marked a new revival (or arrival) of Android tablets on a bigger scale.

Microsoft Going Mellow on the Surface RT Jailbreak Episode

Microsoft’s Windows RT based tablet, the Surface RT is a moderate success despite what the company would have you believe. The reasons for that are pretty much out in the open. And there is hardly anything going for the company in the current situation as we told you a couple of days ago. But if

Surface RT Heading To Electronics Retailers Beginning From Today

The Microsoft Surface RT was initially launched in select locations and only through Microsoft’s Online Store or its brick-and-mortar stores. This partial rollout of the tablet was heavily criticized as most people had no access to live units of the device to use it before making the purchase. Although Microsoft Stores had the tablet in