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Best Buy Giving Away Free Galaxy Note Case When You Pre-Order

Everyone is getting pumped up about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung, AT&T and Best Buy have been pretty forthcoming with information about the devices launch. The 5.3″ tablet-phone hybrid goes up for pre-order this Sunday during the Superbow. It will be featured in a 90 second “The

NFL Releases Official Super Bowl App To The Android Market

Whether you are a Patriots fan or a Giants fan all eyes will be on Indianpolis, your mobile phone, or this official Super Bowl app, produced by the NFL. Super Bowl XLVI Guide, is an official NFL Enterprises app and presented by Verizon. Unlike their NFL app on Verizon Wireless phones, this one is available

42Mbps Verizon 4G LTE At Lucas Oil Stadium Ahead Of Superbowl 46

The world is preparing to converge on Indianapolis Indiana and Lucas Oil Stadium for Super Bowl 46. Verizon Wireless, the wireless partner for the NFL, is preparing for the hundreds of thousands of extra wireless signals on their network during the big game and the festivities preceding it. Our good friend Josh Smith over at

Superbowl Coming To Verizon Android Powered Smartphones

Are you ready for some football? If you are than we have great news for you, that is if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer with an Android phone. The NFL and Verizon Wireless have announced that for the first time ever the Superbowl will be streamed to the internet and to Verizon Wireless’ official NFL

Angry Birds Appearing In Superbowl Ad With Special Unlock Code

We can say Superbowl in this story because Rovio’s Angrybirds franchise will be featured in an advertisement in this years Super Bowl.¬† Although Rovio Mobile has been doing better than awesome this year, 20th Century Fox is picking up the tab for this $3 million dollar ad to promote the upcoming animated feature Rio. Rovio

Motorola Trying The Superbowl Again

Think back to this time last year and you’ll remember all the Android thunder was surrounding the Motorola DeVour and celebrity Meagan Fox.¬† The lucractive commercial was sure to sell millions and millions of Motorola Devours… Fast Forward to this year and Motorola has made a heck of an impact in the Android world and