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$1.5 million worth of iPad Mini stolen in JFK airport heist

Approximately $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis were stolen by a pair of crooks from JFK airport late Monday night, November 12th, the authorities said Thursday after their initial investigation. According to a report, the crooks struck shortly before midnight wherein two pallets of iPad Minis were into a white tractor trailer using the airport’s own forklift. Thus, authorities believe it was most likely an inside job as thieves were able to enter the airport vicinity without having detected. Three of airport employees have undergone polygraph tests, the source said.

Both the authorities and airport personnel believe the heist should have been unsuccessful or “partially successful” because only two out of five pallets have been loaded into the truck and taken away. On the scene of the crime, three pallets were found ready for loading. One employee who was returning from dinner claimed to have challenged the crooks, reason they left the scene with only two pallets full of iPad Minis were taken. The identity of the said employee has been masked for security purposes. But perhaps, he was one of the people who underwent polygraph tests.

Reports indicate that there were a total of 3,600 units of iPad Mini that arrived from China destined to be distributed in the US. The logistics company known as Cargo Airport Services was said to be responsible for the shipment. This could mean one thing, 3,600 Apple fans in the US that are expecting to receive their unit may be disappointed. However, Apple has the final say who gets the iPad Mini first and who gets it last; for sure, it can redirect stock destined for other locations outside the US just to compensate the inventory deficit in its home country.

The stolen units may have gotten far from Apple’s grasp but it surely couldn’t leave the US without being detected. Thus, the crooks, if they will be not be caught after several days, may still have difficult times selling those units in bulk. Since the news already broke online and in print media, people who want to own an iPad Mini will surely be cautious about units sold by other people and not from authorized dealers. They will be lucky if they can sell half of what they’ve stolen.

Apple could also publicize the serial numbers of the units that were stolen from its inventory so that owners, especially those who buy from other people, could check if their units are among the stolen ones.

[source: New York Post]