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Viber Sticker Market

Viber Sticker Market, Push-To-Talk introduced

The messaging app Viber has rolled out an update today. The update launches the Viber Sticker Market and a Push-to-talk function, among a list of other fresh features. Viber Sticker Market The Viber Sticker Market is a new opportunity for Viber to monetize the app by offering premium stickers. Such stickers, it should be noted,


Path adds 1 million users per week

Facebook may still be steaming ahead, but the mobile app Path has been taking some big steps in the right direction. With the past few updates of the app, users have flocked to check the new social network out. Path is pulling in about one million users per week according to CEO Dave Morin, this

Smart stickers for your smart phones

Tired of losing those car keys or your wallet? You missed the start of that fantastic new movie because you couldn’t find your car keys! Your bank closes in ten minutes and you can’t find your checkbook! With smart sticker tracking technology you never have to moan the loss of any article ever again! The