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New Cover on the Paperback Edition Of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography Coming in Fall

Steve Jobs biography cover

Steve Jobs biography cover

The best selling Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson will be released on paperback in the fall and it will have a new cover on the book, the cover unlike the Hardcover will not have Jobs with his famous round spectacles. The new cover will have the image of a younger jobs in the same pose in black and white just like the hardcover but it is a close up on the face of jobs and it feels more intimate.

The cover isn’t the only thing that will be update there will be a new afterword added to the book and it will be available on September 10th. Jobs personally approved the original cover for the biography and he insists was the only decision that Jobs had in this hands to make. There is no information about how many copies the best seller has sold so far, Simon & Schuster the publishers of the book have chosen to keep that information to themselves. There is one thing that we do know and that is that it was Amazons best seller for a long while after release.

I know that some Apple fanboys will go out and buy the paperback just for the new cover, but i’m interested in the Afterword and what has changed. The paperback edition may send the book back into Amazons best sellers list yet again.

Source: CultofMac

Funny or Die Set to Release a Film Loosely Based on Jobs


Funny or Die, the website founded and supported by actor Will Ferrell, is coming out with its first 60-75-minute feature based on the life Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs.

Called the iSteve, I am not sure you want to take this film seriously. By far the longest project done by the website, which is famous for its short video clips, this feature takes a spin on the legendary and almost untouchable image and reputation that Jobs left the tech world with when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Justin Long, quite famous for his comedic roles and for being Drew Barrymore’s ex-beau, will play the role of Apple’s legendary founder. This is an interesting choice for the film’s writers and producers since Long also famously portrayed “Mac” in the Mac vs. PC ad campaign that the Cupertino company ran for a number of years.

Ryan Perez, who wrote and directed iSteve, also has an interesting explanation of why Jobs was apparently ridiculed in the film. He said that in “true Internet fashion,” the film was based on everything written about Jobs on his Wikipedia page. Now, if you’ll browse his page, you will notice how Jobs was portrayed as the tech God, the guru, the Zen Master and Mr. Miyagi of smartphones and tablets. There is simply no flaws with this man based on Internet searches.

Perez might be getting a little too brave in making fun of Steve Jobs, but producer Allison Hord said that even the most Apple fanatic tech guy will be able to laugh at the movie.

It’s not an attack on Jobs, per se. Who would like to attack the man that gave us the iPod, iPhone, Mac and the iPad? The film is actually a satire of how the Internet and the general public perceive him.

The trailer of the film gives much perspective on how this will play out in the end. Words flashed across the screen. Words such as genius, anti-establishment, guru, revolutionary and rebel, among others, were used to describe this man in the film. But if you are hoping to know more about Jobs and less about the people that put him on a pedestal, then you might want to wait around for the Ashton Kutcher or the Aaron Sorkin flick that are based on Jobs’ life and works.

Of course, if it’s his life or work you’re after, you can just read the numerous official and unofficial biographies written about the man who redefined technology.

iSteve’s script was written in just three days and it was filmed in just five days. If you are expecting something that will blow your mind away or something that will scandalize every Apple fan out there, then you should skip this film.

In the end, this film doesn’t attempt to find out more about the enigmatic and the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. It’s an attempt to be the first ever “almost” full-length flick about the guy who brought technology a notch higher. It’s supposed to be funny and satirical, so expect laughter and not awe-inspiring genius to appear on screen.

Resources: MacRumors and TechCrunch

“Doing a Microsoft”: Why Apple’s Latest 128GB Announcement is an Attack on Redmond’s Business Strategy

Apple Attack on Microsoft

CNET said earlier this week that, according to one strategist, Apple’s latest move to increase its memory storage size to 128GB is an attack against Microsoft. Microsoft, after all, disagreed with Steve Jobs’s claim that consumers would ever go beyond the PC in their desire to have greater mobility. Jobs said that, under his leadership, Apple would move consumers to a “post-PC” era where laptops and desktops would give way to tablets and smartphones. Mobility would come to reign in the tech world – and, believe me, it has. This does not mean that Microsoft’s very own Bill Gates and Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs did not have respect for each other. This week, Gates said that Steve Jobs was a better leader and a more cool person than he was. That is something to be admired from the lips of a man whose new mobile tablets are bringing in dismal numbers for the Redmond, California company.

What does it mean to live in a “post-PC” era? To live in a post-PC era implies that consumers have lost their attraction for the desktop PC and the laptop computer. Windows laptop sales are in great decline, although some companies such as Lenovo seem to be doing well. Apple’s own MacBook line is in declining sales, as consumers prefer the tablet over the traditional laptop. There is a reason as to why this is happening: tablets are not only smaller and better able to hold in one’s hands; they are also more affordable than traditional laptops. Take Apple’s MacBook Air, the new entry-level MacBook that replaced the basic MacBook. The price of the MacBook Air is $1199 (although Apple recently diminished the price $200, down to $999). Even at the reduced price, however, the MacBook Air is still $200 more than the 128GB iPad ($799). The additional gain for the 128GB iPad comes in when you consider that the new iPad memory size provides much more easy-to-access memory than the traditional MacBook lineup. When I purchased my MacBook Pro back in May 2011, it only provided 2GB of up-front memory for $1199. For the 4GB model, I paid approximately $1500 ($1399 + $100 antivirus + $350 Time Machine + $400-$500 for a 4-yr. warranty). Since documents tend to take up smaller amounts of storage than most game apps, a 4GB laptop was not a bad selection. What I disliked most, however, was the extra stuff with my laptop that I did not need that rounded the price tag to $1500.

With the new 128GB iPad, I can play more games (with larger memory storage required), take notes for class (and save class notes), download more music, and save more articles and documents to my tablet desktop for half the price of my 2011 MacBook Pro ($799 vs. $1500). Whenever I take notes on my iPad, Apple has an application set up at the bottom of my “Notes” page that lets me send the document to my email, right away – without any of the saving and attaching file work that I once did to send documents.

While this is one of the benefits of a post-PC/laptop era, there is another that many believe interests Apple further: Apple’s introduction of a 128GB iPad places the company in direct competition with Microsoft. The numbers for mobile tablet sales are overwhelmingly in favor of Apple, but many consumers will purchase Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet this February (2013) because the high-end Surface Pro tablet comes with 128GB of internal memory storage. The price of the 128GB Surface Pro will cost $899, plus $100 extra for one of the company’s touch or type keyboards. You can purchase a 128GB iPad from Apple for $799 and, with a $100 physical keyboard, still save $100 plus the price of antivirus software (that would be required for the Surface Pro tab). To add to this, Apple’s iPad is the most popular tablet on the market and, while Samsung has made great strides this past year, it still has some catching up to do. This means that Apple’s popularity, the appeal of its tablet design, and the savings will add up to pull more consumers away from Redmond and closer to Cupertino. It is a win-win for Apple, all around.

Raise The Next Steve Jobs; Weird?

Parenting magazine is trying something new. Their February issue is their first ever “Genius Issue”. The current issue of Parenting magazine focuses on raising smart kids and a connected parenting environment.

The cover of the issue may draw some controversy and of course controversy sells magazines. As you can see from this cover grab taken by Geekwire’s Todd Bishop, they are exploiting the fame and death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

At first glance many parents, and even non parents, may think, that’s cute, but as Bishop explores the magazine it’s not just the cover shot. Within the pages of the magazine is another full standing shot of the kid posing as a young Steve Jobs, complete with the black mock turtle neck, Levi jeans and New Balance shoes.

That particular story focuses on kids and their fashion sense. It goes on to explain how Steve Jobs signature outfit was more so a uniform of convenience.

Based on Bishop’s feedback on social networks and at geekwire, people are split on this cover some feel it’s cute, other’s say it’s weird.

source: Geekwire

Woz: I Wish My iPhone Did All The Things My Android Does

Although both the Steve’s at the helm of Apple were geniuses, Steve Wozniak was the geeky engineer and Steve Jobs was the brilliant marketeer. So naturally with his stroke of geekiness and his engineering prowess Wozniak tries everything.

The interwebs were all over this story Monday where Steve Wozniak gave his candid remarks about iPhone vs iOS, but this isn’t the first time Wozniak has confessed that Android is ahead of iPhone. The first time was actually last January, at one of the last Engadget shows under the original Engadget regime. Josh Topolsky had interviewed Wozniak in a standing room only theater for that episode.

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Is Bill Gates Looking For A Steve Jobs Esque Return To The Top

Granted Bill Gates wasn’t forced out of the company that he founded, he took retirement and let Steve Ballmer take over. Ballmer had been with Gates essentially from the start of Microsoft, we’re sure Gates thought it was in good hands.

Right now it appears that Microsoft is struggling with their mobile strategy. They’ve also lost a substantial footing to Apple and if tablets start getting counted in the “computer” category that loss to Apple could be even more significant.

Microsoft tried to take on Apple in the music player department but the Zune never caught on the way the iPod did and it’s now been taken off the market.

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Verizon Wireless Implements Steve Jobs Educational Vision, Except With Android

By now there are probably hundreds of thousands of us who, regardless of our love for Android, just finished Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. If you just finished it than you are well aware that Jobs sees a vision for education, even at the high school age level, where traditional text books are replaced with tablets.

With tablets vs textbooks, students would get access to more current, relevant information quicker. Students would also get feedback quicker, especially those attending college classes online. Grades would be easier to track. Areas where students needed help would be easier to spot.  Although Jobs probably saw this vision at a high school level with iPads, a high school in New Jersey is doing it with Android.

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Android’s Hugo Barra Mum On Steve Jobs’ Comments About Android

As the Google Android team was preparing to announce Google’s next iteration of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, leaks of the Walter Isaacson biography on Steve Jobs started hitting the street.

Isaacson was chosen by Steve Jobs to do the biography on Apple’s co-founder and former CEO.  Previously, Isaacson had penned biographies on Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

In parts of the book Jobs doesn’t hold back on his feelings about Android.  At one point he talks about a meeting with Eric Schmidt, after Schmidt had excused himself from Apple’s board of directors. During that meeting Jobs had told Schmidt he didn’t want money from Schmidt or Google. In fact, Jobs wouldn’t even take 5 billion dollars he just wanted Google to stop “Stealing” from Apple for Android.

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Jobs Vowed Revenge On Google’s Schmidt For Android

Eric Schmidt file photo: TDG LLC

Although Schmidt left some of the most heartfelt eulogies to Steve Jobs when he passed away earlier this month, Jobs was reportedly gunning for revenge.

Prior to his death, writer Walter Isaacson had already started writing a tell all biography about Apple’s CEO, founder and tech giant Steve Jobs. The book, due out Monday, will focus on all aspects of Jobs’ life however one of the reports flurrying around the internet is that Jobs was seeking revenge on Eric Schmidt.

Jobs sat on Apple’s board from 2006-2009 when it became apparent there may be a conflict of interest brewing with Google and Android. Until this time though, Schmidt was a confidant of Jobs and they had a great relationship with iOS shipping with Google Search and Google Maps.

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Samsung President Attends Steve Jobs Day

Before all of this bickering and all these patent wars between Apple and Samsung, Steve Jobs had a very close relationship with the family that controls Samsung in South Korea.  Three generations of Lee Kun-Hee’s family backed Jobs and his innovations over the years. It was the close relationship that Job  had with the family that resulted in Apple being one of Samsung’s biggest buyer of semiconductors for their phones and now tablets.

As California Governor, Jerry Brown declared October 16th Steve Jobs day. Apple was compiling a list of tech elite to attend the memorial at Stanford University on Sunday. Among those elite was Samsung President and CEO Lee Jae-yong. Reuters is reporting that Jae-yong will also talk with Apple CEO Tim Cook about “bilateral cooperation”.  This cooperation would include both continuing Apple and Samsung’s buyer-vendor relationship as well as the patent lawsuits against Samsung’s mobile arm.

source: Reuters via Phonearena

Samsung Takes Break From Patent Feud To Offer Statement On Steve Jobs

Despite being in a bitter patent war with Apple, Samsung has stopped to offer condolences to Jobs, his family and colleagues. Samsung has issued the following statement:

[Samsung Electronics CEO G.S. Choi expresses condolences over Apple Chairman Steve Jobs Passing ]

Samsung Electronics is saddened to hear of Chairman Steve Jobs’ passing and would like to extend our deepest condolences.

Chairman Steve Jobs introduced numerous revolutionary changes to the information technology industry and was a great entrepreneur.

His innovative spirit and remarkable accomplishments will forever be remembered by people around the world. 

We would like to again express our sincerest condolences to Mr.Jobs’ family and his colleagues.

Steve Jobs = Ronald McDonald

image: Pocket-Lint

This is an op-ed if you couldn’t tell by the silly title.

I was waiting to take in my thoughts before I did the obligatory Steve Jobs reaction piece.  Some of our Twitter followers got me thinking and I’m ready so here it is:

Steve Jobs wasn’t just the CEO of Apple he was a tech industry icon, in fact he is an American icon.  He had or even still has the power to motivate people even with his nonchalant laid back enthusiasm.  People hang on to the words he says and not just your Android hating iOS fan boys. Come on admit it you watch the Apple news just as much as you watch the Android news.  Most of you watch live blogs of WWDC events or attend them the same way you watch streams from I/O.

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Apple Has Samsung Scrambling, Sets Sites On Motorla Xoom

I knew it, I knew that at some point while reporting this Apple vs every Android OEM in site I would resort to finding this clip on Youtube and using it for the art for a patent war story. After you watch the short clip, hit the break


German Android App Developers Get The Shaft In Apple Vs Amazon Battle

Apple has been trying to vigorously defend the words “App Store” from other third party “App Stores” that have adopted the same name.  Last month they took on GetJar, to which Getjar basically told Apple where to go.  Amazon hasn’t been so lucky.

US courts denied Apple’s request for an injunction against other app stores while they pursue trademark infringement cases. In Germany though, their courts have imposed a restriction which has resulted in Amazon temporarily suspending submissions from German developers.

The Amazon App Store only allows downloads and purchases from the US however they accept application submissions from around the world.

Apple’s lawyers have been very busy in court with various patent cases and this trademark infringement. Personally we feel that with the way the mobile app ecosystem has changed the words app store are as common place as grocery store and Steve Jobs just needs to get over it

See the note Amazon sent to German developers at the source link: TFTS