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Microsoft acquires Nokia, crushing any hope of an Android Lumia

It was announced today that Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s Device Division for $7.71 billion, this will mean half of Nokia will split into Microsoft, with the other half sticking and reforming the company. The deal will include all of Nokia’s hardware line, including manufacturing factories. 32,000 Nokia employees are expected to move to Microsoft and Redmond

Nokia CEO: Android Is Our Main Competition, S&P Lowers Ranking

Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, spoke to journalists at an event in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and revealed more of their strategy to turn Nokia around in 2011.  Nokia, although the largest handset supplier in the world, has been loosing critical footing across the globe amidst the rise of Google’s Android operating system. Elop took a

Intel CEO To Nokia: I Would Have Gone Android

One of the most influential in the tech community is Intel CEO Paul Otellini.  Otellini and Intel were left out in the cold by Nokia with their decision to switch smartphone platforms to Windows Phone 7.  Intel was partners with Nokia in the Meego platform which was created when Maemo and Moblin merged. Intel will

Nokia May Change Their Minds About Android

Nokia just reported some dismal numbers for their 4th quarter, partly due to the fact that US sales of Nokia devices are down, way down. In fact Nokia has decided to pull the next two devices slated for the US before their launch.  Everyone is turning to Nokia’s Chief Stephen Elop to see what he