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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) now getting the September security patch

The #Samsung #GalaxyA5 (2016) is now receiving the September security patch in some regions. It is said that the update is currently concentrated towards Europe, but should eventually make its way to the rest of the global markets. The Galaxy A5 (2016) is a decent budget offering by Samsung and it’s good to see that

Android Nougat

Google has revamped Android to fix Stagefright bug once and for all

#Google has been plagued by the #Stagefright bug ever since it was first made public in July last year. The bug basically affects apps like Hangouts that will auto-download media content in the background, allowing malware to be downloaded without the user’s consent. These files arrive in the form of media files, thus bypassing some Android security

Verizon Galaxy Tab S2 now getting the February security patch

#VerizonWireless has now started rolling out the February security patch for the #Samsung #GalaxyTabS2 tablet carrying build LMY47X.T817VVRS2APB2. The update keeps the device on Android 5.1.1, so this is not a big update by any stretch of the imagination. But users should be relieved to know that the company and the carrier are offering periodical security updates to

Google sending out January security updates to Android now

  #Google has just started sending out the January security updates for its range of #Nexus devices, starting with the Nexus 5, 6 as well as the Nexus 7 tablet. Customers of the Sprint/Verizon Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 are already seeing an update on top of Android 6.0.1 which comes with the build number MMB29S.

HTC One E9 and One E9+ getting December security updates

#HTC has just started rolling out the monthly security patch for the #OneE9 as well as the One E9+ smartphones starting today. The devices are largely concentrated in the global markets, so not everybody will see the update right away. These security updates usually come shortly after the Nexus devices get it, so we’re not

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony sending out Stagefright patch to the Xperia Z5 and the Z5 Compact

The #Sony #XperiaZ5 and the #XperiaZ5Compact smartphones are now receiving the #Stagefright patch, just a couple of months after OEMs started sending it to their devices. The delay is understandable as the Xperia Z5 and the Z5 Compact were only recently released in the market without the Stagefright patch on board. Both devices are currently running Android 5.1

The Xperia Z5 And Z5 Compact Are Now Stagefright-Free

Stagefright, for those of you that don’t remember, was first brought to light back in July of this year for being a very bad vulnerability in Android. If someone sent you a corrupted video file, it could steal data from your system. Many phone manufacturers have either released or will be releasing patches soon for lots of

NVIDIA sending out Stagefright patch for the Shield Tablet

While most manufacturers have finished sending out the #Stagefright patch for their devices by now, #NVIDIA has just sent out the update to its #ShieldTablet, putting the customers at ease once and for all. The update will block any malicious content from entering your device via MMS. In the wake of these bugs, Google, Samsung

AT&T sending out Stagefright update for the LG G4

Despite Google’s effort to curb the bug, the #Stagefright vulnerability is still spotted on a number of devices out there. AT&T’s version of the LG G4 was one of them, but not any longer. The company has started sending out an update for the smartphone late yesterday, which should fix the bug once and for

The OnePlus 2 Now Has A Stagefright Patch

Ever since news of the Stagefright vulnerability in Android was discovered, many manufacturers have been releasing updates to patch it. Now, OnePlus is doing the same. Starting now, people who have the OnePlus 2 can download an update that fixes the Stagefright vulnerability. This is also the first update for that device, and it fixes the

LTE Nexus 9 now getting the Stagefright patch [Download]

Google originally began sending out the Stagefright patch for its Nexus devices over a week ago. However, some key devices were missing from the list. Today, we’ve managed to stumble across an OTA download link for the LTE Nexus 9 (volantisg) directly from Google. Unlike a factory image, this update file doesn’t take a lot