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Lara Croft GO

Puzzle based Lara Croft GO launching next Thursday for $4.99

#LaraCroftGO was announced by #SquareEnix earlier this month, with the official arrival slated for next Thursday. The developers have now announced that the game will set you back by $4.99, with no change in the release date. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Lara Croft Go is very similar to the widely popular #Hitman GO, which

Lara Croft GO

Square Enix bringing Lara Croft GO to Android on August 27

Square Enix is known for games like Hitman GO, Lara Croft: Relic Run etc. The developers have now announced the release of the new Lara Croft GO game on Android, scheduled for an August 27 debut. The game as the name suggests is based on the lead of the popular Tomb Raider series and will

Tomb Raider Screenshot

Original Tomb Raider game now on Android for $0.99

Square Enix has just released the original Tomb Raider game on the Google Play Store. For those familiar with the game, this is an adventure/puzzle game which follows Lara Croft who is the protagonist of the series. There have been several iterations of the game made since the first one was launched back in 1996,

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI makes its way to the Play Store today

The official Twitter account of Square Enix Europe has announced the arrival of the Final Fantasy VI game on Android. The game will make its way to the Play Store today with a rather expensive price tag of €14.99 ($20). There’s no word on whether the game is launching all over the world simultaneously, but

Chaos Rings II Android Game Review

Square Enix has finally brought their critically acclaimed RPG game to the Android platform. Chaos Rings II puts you in the shoes of Darwin, a mercenary who is kidnapped and placed in a mansion to do battle with various enemies. Although the title says II this is in fact the third Chaos Rings game available

Crystal Defenders Lite Android Game Review

Square Enix has just released a new version of their popular Crystal Defenders title for the Android platform which they now call Crystal Defenders Lite. The game is similar in aspect and gameplay as the original version with the difference in that it now uses a pay-per-stage model. This will make it more budget friendly

Square Enix Has More Upcoming Games In Store for Android-Based Devices

Game developer and publisher Square Enix, which is mostly known for its sophisticated multi-million dollar console game projects, will be releasing at least five games targeted for Android-based device owners. Gamescom would be the perfect event for the company to showcase its expertise in game development and since it’s a major event in Europe, it