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Video Hands On With The ZTE Warp On Boost Mobile

We’re checking out the new ZTE Warp on Boost Mobile. While it’s not a super phone like the Motorola Razr, or the Samsung Galaxy S II it is a solid prepaid Android device and it features Boost Mobile’s Mobile ID (Sprint ID). The device itself is very lightweight at under 5 ounces. At has a

Sprint Teams Up With MTV For One Rocking Sprint ID

Sprint has teamed up with Viacom’s MTV to create one heck of a reason to consider getting a Kyocera Zio, Samsung Transform or LG Optimus S. Its the new MTV SprintID. Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, unveiled the new Sprint ID concept in October at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Event.  The Sprint ID is a

Sprint iD packs – potentially awesome

With the recent surge of app stores from carriers and content providers, it’s hard to get excited about the future of the Android Market. I look down the road and see a completely segregated Android experience, where devices on “Network X” can do things that “Network Y” cannot, and being forced to stick with that