App Spotlight: StopWatch & Timer

Many phones come with a preloaded timer or stopwatch of some sort. However, they rarely work the way they are supposed to. That is why thousands of users have switched to the app Stopwatch & Timer. But why do so many people like it? Well for starters, the app is very clean and quite easy

Sports+, Not Just About Stats Anymore

There are many different apps out these days in the area of sports claiming to put you right there in the action. That can keep you in touch with your favorite teams from hockey to professional soccer. Now while that is all well and good, for many people that is not enough, they want  that next

Sports Fans Get In The Game With The Connect Platform By One Up

After sifting through all the social media aggregators, photo apps, app discovery sites and other start ups all operating out of the same space we found something truly unique and well really freaking cool at TechCrunch Disrupt. A new company called One Up, that can be found online at, has found a way for