Top 5 Drones With Longest Control Range

Drones can be a lot of fun, but that fun can be severely limited, depending on what the range capabilities of the drone are. For example, if you can only fly it around in your vicinity, that gets old really quick and certainly doesn’t let you capture any breathtaking views. That said, it’s extremely important

Wileyfox Spark

Wileyfox releases three new Cyanogen OS powered smartphones

British manufacturer #Wileyfox has released three new #Cyanogen OS 13.0 powered smartphones, running atop Android 6.0 #Marshmallow. These devices will be updated by Cyanogen, basically promising users a refined Android experience for the months to come. However, Cyanogen has not yet mentioned if it will send the next major Android update for these handsets. Wileyfox

verykool s505 Spark Android Smartphone Review

Remember the verykool S505 “Spark” Android Smartphone we featured in one of our posts a couple of month ago? InfoSonics Corporation, a San Diego based company, has just released this model in the market and I got a unit which I was able to take for a spin. This device is sold unlocked for $199

Infosonics Unveils verykool S505 “Spark” Android Smartphone

Infosonics might not be a familiar brand to most consumers however this San Diego based company has already several smartphnoes and tablets out in the market today. The company aims to deliver mobile devices that according to them are “unique, beautifully designed, feature packed and provide exceptional value” and its latest product called the verykool