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New Expansion “Kraken Isles” For Arcane Legends Now Live

Fans of Arcane Legends will be pleased to know that the new expansion called Kraken Isles is now available for download. This expansion brings new adventures to this hit 3D MMORPG. The content is based around the pirate theme and you will spend most of your time at seas exploring the Kraken Isles. You won’t

Star Legends MMORPG Headed For Limited Android Release On Verizon

Our friends over at Droid Gamers scooped this great news for MMORPG lovers.  Spacetime studios will be launching a limited beta release of their MMORPG called, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles,  in the V-Cast, Verizon app store. There’s no word on why Spacetime chose the Verizon app store for this release however if you’re on