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SXSW: Smartphone And Tablet Batteries Definitely Not Keeping Up, Never Fear Thedroidguy & Powerbag Are Here!

The Tweets, Google Plus messages, Facebook Status’ and even photos are echoing the same theme; at South By Southwest smartphone and tablet batteries aren’t keeping up. We’ve seen pictures of people bringing multiple power strips to the Austin Convention Center. Samsung has stationed several of their “airport” charging stations all over the convention center

Scott Pilgrim Vs South By Southwest

As the interactive portion of South By Southwest came to an end last night there were parties galore. The official wrap up party had a performance by the Foo Fighter’s, there was the Rack Space Rock party, and many others. After settling in at the Geeky Beach Party thrown by our friends at Server Beach,

Bizzy Challenges The Droid Guy to Check Out South By South West

We had lunch today with the folks from Bizzy. Bizzy is a new location based app, but better than that they are looking to change the paradigm from the traditional check in apps. Sure everyone “changes the paradigm” we must have seen 1390493 game changers since we got into Austin for South By South West.¬†