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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Source Code Released

As you know, Samsung posted open source source code for their Galaxy Tab 2 device along with AT&T’s variant of the upcoming (November 9th) Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s developers, proud with their work, continued today, and have made the source code available for their brand new Galaxy S III Mini. Those that are interested in grabbing the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean code for the Galaxy S III Mini can just head on over to Samsung’s Open Source Release Center to get a copy of the code. With the source code available to the public now, it shouldn’t be too much longer before modders are releasing tweaks and custom software to the Galaxy S III Mini. And hey, we may even see some Android 4.2 features on the Galaxy S III Mini if modders end up doing that too (surely someone will, there is always that guy just waiting to get their hands on early software).

Are you going to be starting up a mod for the Galaxy S III Mini? Sound off in the comment below!

source: Open Source Release Center
via: Talk Android

Google: Galaxy Nexus Source Code Is A Trade Secret???

According to self proclaimed patent expert Florian Mueller of Foss patents, Apple and Google are again in a discovery dispute involving the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Mueller headlined his post: “Google to court: Galaxy Nexus code just like that of iPhone”. Apparently Mueller, nor Apple, is aware that the source code is posted to the Android developers official page, as it has been with every version of Android sans Honeycomb.

Of course we must consider the fact that perhaps there is some secret sauce within the Galaxy Nexus that we don’t know about. This would most likely be secret sauce belonging to Samsung though and not Google. The request for the source code was implicitly to Google this time around and not Samsung.

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HTC’s Thanksgiving Treat, Source Code, Source Code and More Source Code

When HTC started their HTC Dev site and put one of the best tech evangelists Bruce Jones on the team we knew they were getting serious about the developer community.

Within the past several months we’ve seen HTC stick to the words of Peter Chou who vowed to be more open with developers, release devices with unlocked bootloaders and source codes via their website. All of that has happened.

This week HTC has released the source code for some of their newest and most popular devices including the HTC Rezound, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Explorer and HTC Desire S.  With the availability of the source code developers can create awesome themes, wallpapers and ROM’s galore. With the holidays coming up their should be some more time for those developers to get to work.

Continue to the source code link for more!

source: HTC Dev

Google Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code, Brings Honeycomb With It Notion Ink Guy Was Wrong

Last night we started reporting that the CEO of Notion Ink said the source code for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, would be released this coming Thursday. It appears that Android Central, and Notion Ink’s CEO Rohan Shravan were wrong.

Shravan had actually hit the nail on the head with the Gingerbread source code so we thought it was a reliable source, sorry folks.

The good news is that Google has released the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich source code today.

As Nibletz’ Brent Fishman says, we can start expecting ROMs from the folks at Cyanogenmod and others soon. It may still be a while before OEM’s get on board though.  Samsung, HTC and Motorola have released partial lists of what devices will upgrade to Android 4.0 and of course the 2011 holiday season favorites will get ICS but it could take a little while.

If you’re ready to dive into the source code you an get it here from the Android Open Source Project git servers.

If you’re a developer and you download the source code you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find the Honeycomb source code in there as well.

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Coming November 17th?

According to a leaked image from Notion Ink, the manufacturers of the “Atom” Android tablet, we may get access to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code on November 17th.

Android Central points out that Notion Ink’s CEO, Rohan Shravan, is the one who leaked this information and he has a track record for being correct about things like this. There is a chance that this prediction comes from the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus debuts in Europe and Asia on November 17th.  Typically the source code for a phone version of Android is released close to the launch of the flagship device.

There has been no official statement from Verizon Wireless as to when we will see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. We hear from pretty good sources that it will be November 28th.

soure: Android Central

HTC Gives Up The Goods: Source Code For The Incredible S, Desire Z and Flyer Released

First they’re the bad guy, then they’re the good guy and then there’s a shift and they’re the bad guy again.  One things if for sure about HTC and that is they respond to social media pressure.  A few months back you may recall HTC was rumored to be locking all bootloaders for their Android devices.  A very short time later HTC’s CEO Peter Chou did a complete 180 and said no they will not lock the bootloaders.

Despite the message by Peter Chou on their Facebook page the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC Evo 3D released with locked bootloaders. Now we are very aware of why these devices came out with locked bootloaders.  Obviously, because of the timing, both devices were already in production if not on the boat on their way over here…

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