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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Source Code Released

As you know, Samsung posted open source source code for their Galaxy Tab 2 device along with AT&T’s variant of the upcoming (November 9th) Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s developers, proud with their work, continued today, and have made the source code available for their brand new Galaxy S III Mini. Those that are interested

Google: Galaxy Nexus Source Code Is A Trade Secret???

According to self proclaimed patent expert Florian Mueller of Foss patents, Apple and Google are again in a discovery dispute involving the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Mueller headlined his post: “Google to court: Galaxy Nexus code just like that of iPhone”. Apparently Mueller, nor Apple, is aware that the source code is posted to the Android

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Coming November 17th?

According to a leaked image from Notion Ink, the manufacturers of the “Atom” Android tablet, we may get access to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code on November 17th. Android Central points out that Notion Ink’s CEO, Rohan Shravan, is the one who leaked this information and he has a track record for