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Soundhound To Be Pre-Installed On Select Android Devices

Soundhound and Acer have entered into a partnership that will result in SoundHound’s music discovery application coming pre-installed in future Acer Android devices. Acer manufactures both smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. In the US Acer has had a much larger presence in the tablet space. Their flagship A500 Honeycomb tablet was a

XDA Leaks One Helluva Music Player, By Motorola!

We’re not sure if the actual original source of this new Motorola music player is the Droid Bionic, The Motorola Atrix or something else but whatever it is, its the MOST feature packed music player we’ve seen to date. XDA member Phoezies, originally posted the player on Sunday however it looks like Motorola has already

Sound Hound Now Totally Free

Call it a Christmas gift, holiday present or just good for business but soundhound, the music recognition app, has decided to offer free unlimited searches via it’s listen and tag software. Previously users of the free app were subjectd to a total of 5 free look ups per month. Now, with fierce competition from rival

SoundHound Vs Shazam

I decided to put SoundHound by SoundHound Inc., and Shazam by Shazam Entertainment Limited head to head to detirmine which one was the better song identifier. SoundHound by SoundHound Inc. Upon opening SoundHound I was impressed with how quickly it loaded. This is very important for people who are music buffs, like myself, and may

Sprint Teams Up With MTV For One Rocking Sprint ID

Sprint has teamed up with Viacom’s MTV to create one heck of a reason to consider getting a Kyocera Zio, Samsung Transform or LG Optimus S. Its the new MTV SprintID. Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, unveiled the new Sprint ID concept in October at the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Event.¬† The Sprint ID is a