Playstation Android Phone Makes Clear Appearance In Video has posted video of the upcoming Playstation Android device being dubbed the “Zeus Z1”. There has been wide spread speculation as to when we will actually see this device launch however it’s been speculated that it could be as early as an event in France next week or as late as the Mobile World

Sony PSP Phone Goes From Myth to Reality

It looks like the months and years of speculation have finally come to a head, the Sony PSP phone is becoming a reality.  What’s even better is that this gaming phone will be Android based!  Engadget has gotten there hands on not only a photo of the prototype device but also some juicy details about

Google TV Live: Sony Internet TV Liveblogging Continues

6:00PM Shows over its playtime 5:55PM Where and When: Preoders now. On Shelves at Sonystyle stores this weekend and at Best Buy starting the week of October 24 5:53PM Matt Seymour is demoing Google TV, video forthcoming 5:49PM Sony Internet TV will allow you to watch football and your favorite fantasy football site at the

Google TV Live: At the Sony Internet TV Launch

5:38 A look at the controller. 5:36 announcing two products, Sony Intenet TV and Sony Internet Bluray player 5:34 Bob Hashida from Sony Tokyo. Sony is developing an experience that will redefine a TV Viewing Style. Announcing the Sony Internet TV in this US Market. Sony TV lets you sit in the drivers seat and

LiveView™ – Something Exciting from Sony Ericsson!

A 1.3 inch OLED display with Bluetooth connectivity which allows your phone to be mirrored to this miniature display.  At first sight of this interesting device I thought, hmmm…pointless.    Thankfully there was a video included and after watching it I saw the light.  This is quite an innovative product.  Anyone who has ever tried, spotify, cnet, engadget, theverge

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review

Here we are, covering Sony’s first attempt at making an Android smartphone. The Sony Ericsson is an Android phone with a 1 ghz processor and an 8.1 megapixel camera with flash. It is, however, running Android 1.6. It is a sleek device, and you can see how we size it up in our full video

PlayStation Branded Android Phone? -engadget says so has reportedly been told by a trusted source that Sony Ericsson is introducing a gaming phone of sorts that will carry the coveted “PlayStation” branding. This new device will feature a horizontal slide out control pad in place of a slide out Qwerty keyboard. Its expected to run Android 3.0 with a special section