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Sony Xperia Tianchi

Sony Xperia Tianchi With 8-Core Cortex A7 Mediatek Processor Coming Soon

Reports indicate that Sony may be working on a new 6-inch device called the Xperia Tianchi. Chinese media say that the phablet will be using an 8-core MediaTek MT6592 processor. The choice of processor used points out to a mid-range device and will target consumers who want a bigger display yet don’t want to spend much.

Xperia Tianchi

Little is still known regarding the specs of this device but details may be presented during an event that will take place on November 12. As far as speculations goes the Xperia Tianchi may come with an HD (1280 x 720) display and should not be thinner than the 6.5mm Xperia Z Ultra.

This won’t be the first device that Sony releases sporting a Mediatek processor. The Xperia C which was recently launched in China also uses a Mediatek processor and comes with a 5-inch display.

A lot of cheap Android devices use Mediatek processors due to the low price of this brand of processor and its relatively good performance. The chip to be used in the Xperia Tianchi is the Mediatek MT6592 that is said to be a “true octa-core” processor. It got this distinction since all 8 cores can be used at once.

Samsung’s Exynos 8-core processor on the other hand is composed of two quad core processors and only one set can function at any given time. Furthermore, both quad-core processors are not identical since one set is more powerful than the other set. One set is used when more processing power is needed while the other set is used when a longer battery life is required.

The Mediatek MT6592 has 8-cores that has similar specifications to the low power quad-core of the Exynos. This means that the chip is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 800s or the Tegra 4s but it does provide a better battery life.

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