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Don’t Try This At Home: Sony Xperia Play Fried In A Microwave

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to put an Android phone in the microwave for a really long time, fear not, the microwave experts with 30 years of microwaving experience over at the have done just that for your viewing pleasure. The crazy mad scientists at the microwave show have microwaved

Sony Tablet P Headed To AT&T March 4?

We were pretty shocked to hear that Sony’s first Android tablet, the Tablet S, was the best selling Android tablet in October of 2011. So of course we want to see what the new Sony Tablet P is all about. During the Sony press conference at CES last month, they quickly outlined the Sony Tablet

TDG Game Spotlight: Dungeon Defenders for XBLA and PSN

Some of you may have played Dungeon Defenders on your Android phone, but now Dungeon Defenders is available on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and PC. While the Android version of this game was very well done, it was a little hard to play unless you were using the Sony Xperia Play with a proper

Sony’s Xperia Play 4G Available Now On AT&T For Just $49.99

Earlier this year Thedroidguy staff attended an event in New York City for AT&T. The event was giving a sneak peek into some of the devices that were going to be part of AT&T’s fall and holiday line up.  One of those devices is the PlayStation certified Sony Xperia Play.  After the event our very

Verizon Slashes The Price Of The Xperia Play Already

The Sony Xperia Play, the first PlayStation certified Android device, was one of the most anticipated phones of early 2011. However delays stemming from the earthquake in Japan, caused supply chain problems that delayed the Xperia Play’s release.  The Xperia Play was finally released on May 26th at Verizon Wireless alongside the LG Revolution and

Sony Ericsson Announces 20+ Games For The Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson has announced that the addition of twenty plus games for their Xperia Play today. While this announcement is ahead of their scheduled demonstration at next weeks E3 conference it is still nice to see a growing list of popular game titles. Some of the games that has been announced by the company today include Vendetta

Minecraft Coming To Android & iOS

The popular Indie game Minecraft will be making its way to Android and iOS devices later on this year and will have its official unveil at this years E3 Games Conference. The first device that will be seeing this popular game is the upcoming Xperia Play from Sony. However, as time passes it will be released and

Accessories Now Starting To Show Up At Big Red

Verizon Wireless has been on a roll so far this year with Android devices and with the this upcoming Thursdays device releases it is no wonder that the Big Red is sitting on their Android throne this year, at least so far. We have some new pictures regarding accessories for upcoming devices like the Sony

Sony Xperia Play; Pre Order Tomorrow, On Sale May 26th

May is heating up for Android, especially on Verizon Wireless.  We saw the Droid Charge get released this month. We’ve also heard reports that the LG Revolution was headed to Big Red at the end of the month. Now Verizon Wireless has officially announced the Sony Ericcson Xperia Play will be available for reorder starting

Walmart Reveals Sony Xperia Play May 26th?

Our friends at have posted a screen shot of the Walmart website that reveals a May 26th launch date for the highly anticipated Sony Xperia Play on Verizon Wireless. If Walmart is to be believed than the first PlayStation certified phone is just around the corner. Unconfirmed reports from very good sources suggested that

Verizon Starting Training On The Xperia Play

The Sony Xperia Play is an up and coming Android device that many people have been waiting to get their hands on. This device is a one of a kind PlayStation Certified Android smartphone and is heading to the Big Red and we could be seeing it really soon now that Verizon has started training on the

Quick Look: Sony Xperia Play Coming To Verizon

Although the Sony Xperia Play for Verizon Wireless is rumored to be delayed just a little bit while Sony Ericsson gets some supply chain problems working out resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we are going to take a quick look at this beast of a fun device. The Sony Xperia Play is

A Non Verizon Sony Xperia Play Has Passed Through The FCC

Wait hold on a minute! Sony Ericsson clearly said that Verizon Wireless was going to be the first US carrier for the Sony Xperia Play (PlayStation phone) released at MWC last month. Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg even confirmed it in post event interviews.  We even saw a leaked Wirefly page with the Verizon Xperia