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Sony Ericsson Taps Another Sony Brand For Android: The Walkman

Last year the world was a buzz as Sony Ericsson planned to take another Sonny brand and mesh it together with Android.. The brand, PlayStation, came out in the form of the Sony Xperia Play in early 2011.

The Sony Xperia Play was rumored for a good six months before it debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain in February.  With the tragic earthquakes in Japan and the resulting supply chain problems the Sony Xperia Play launched later than planned on Verizon and alongside a few other major Android releases, like the LG Revolution.

The Xperia Play brought a unique form factor and familiar PlayStation controller like interface to Android.  However the phone itself has been met with mixed reviews.  We do have to hand it to Sony Ericsson though for some innovative thinking and partnering with the corporate parent, Sony.

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