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Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 Can Now Be Customized With Latest Update

Sony has just released a software update to the Smartwatch 2 that fixes some of the bugs present and introduces new features. One of the things lacking in most smartwatch models is that users have limited options in customizing the device. Sure there may be apps that you can download but then when you look

Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 2 getting a new update from the Play Store

The Sony Smartwatch 2 has just received a new update with some much needed improvements. Unlike conventional updates, this one can be downloaded or updated from the Google Play Store, pretty much like an app. It’s more of a UI update, with some core features bundled in to make it better and simpler to use.

Everwatch for Evernote

EverWatch for Evernote app launches on Google Play

The EverWatch for Evernote app is now available on Google Play. This app allows Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 users to display their notes from their Evernote account directly on the wearable device. As of the moment, the app does not support all kinds of notes saved on one’s Evernote account. It is only

Sony SmartWatch 2 Owners Reports Lifting Display Problems

Sony has just released its second generation wearable device in the form of the Sony SmartWatch 2. While the device itself has impressive specs on paper several people who have purchased it are reporting a problem where the display of the smartwatch is lifting or detaching itself from the frame. The display problem seems to

Sony SmartWatch 2 Now Available In Europe

Last June Sony unveiled their latest wearable device which is designed to enhance the features of an Android smartphone. The company announced the SmartWatch 2 at Mobile Asia Expo 2013 held in Shanghai. The device acts as a second screen to a smartphone as well as offering additional benefits such as allowing users to answer

Sony Smartwatch 2 to Come September 9th

If you are one of the many Sony fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the next generation Sony smartwatch that runs on Android, you may be pleased to know that the company may announce the watch on September 9th – that’s just over 3 weeks! Whether you are a fan of smartwatches – a new