Everwatch for Evernote

EverWatch for Evernote app launches on Google Play

The EverWatch for Evernote app is now available on Google Play. This app allows Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 users to display their notes from their Evernote account directly on the wearable device. As of the moment, the app does not support all kinds of notes saved on one’s Evernote account. It is only

Sony Smartwatch 2 to Come September 9th

If you are one of the many Sony fans eagerly awaiting the launch of the next generation Sony smartwatch that runs on Android, you may be pleased to know that the company may announce the watch on September 9th – that’s just over 3 weeks! Whether you are a fan of smartwatches – a new


Smartwatch 2 is Sony’s second try at wearables

  Sony’s second try at wearables is considerably better than the first, but the question still stands if the market is ready for this influx of small smartwatches, which basically act as a secondary way of checking your smartphone. The Smartwatch 2 will come with Bluetooth and NFC, for easy paring with devices. A 1.6-inch 220

Sony opens the SmartWatch to alternative firmware

Sony has just announced the Open SmartWatch Project, which welcomes developers to produce and flash alternative firmware to the SmartWatch. In the past, the Japan-based electronics giant had only allowed developers to make apps with the Sony Add-on SDK. Before one gets too excited, however, Sony clarifies that the Open SmartWatch Project does have some

Sony rolls out update for SmartWatch

Sony has just released a software update for the SmartWatch, adding new features and enhancements. The update, which is known as version 1.3.28 of the app, adds six new designs of watch faces to suit each user’s taste and needs. Each of these designs comes with special functionalities. Through the update, the Sony Smartwatch may