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Sony Xperia Z Successor to Come Later This Year

One of the best high end Android smartphones in the market today, Sony’s Xperia Z, though still relatively new having been announced during this year’s CES, may be getting a successor as soon as this year.

Sony Honami

Just a few weeks after the confirmation that Sony will be launching the ‘bigger and better’ Xperia Z Ultra, it seems Sony is pushing its luck by following up the hugely successful Xperia Z with Xperia Z 2.  The Xperia Z is still new to some, for instance, some networks such as Bell in Canada are still to launch the phone, yet talk of a successor is heating up.  This new rumor is courtesy Sony’s Korea CEO Kenji Sakai who hinted on the device debuting ‘later this year’ as published by Economic Daily.

Sony’s CEO did not offer any specifics as to which device will be the actual ‘Xperia Z successor’ but if you have been following on the rumors about Sony’s devices, you will be familiar with the Honami or Xperia i1.  Specifications of this phone are already doing rounds on the internet but Sony could mean that another device is in development, perhaps a slightly modified version of the Xperia Z?  In these times when almost every high end smartphone is followed up by a mini-version, there is a chance Sony will be taking this path just like HTC and Samsung.  But then, there is also talk of Sony working on a mini version of the yet-to-be-released Sony Honami.

For now though, while we wait for information on any new devices, you can check out different rumors on the upcoming Sony Phablet that is being prepared to take on Motorola X Max and Samsung’s Galaxy Note II here and here.

Source: Economic Daily via  phoneArena