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Quick Look: Sony Xperia Play Coming To Verizon

Although the Sony Xperia Play for Verizon Wireless is rumored to be delayed just a little bit while Sony Ericsson gets some supply chain problems working out resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, we are going to take a quick look at this beast of a fun device. The Sony Xperia Play is

Sony Xperia Play Delayed Due To Tsunami

As reports started rolling in after the recent Japanese earthquake we were relieved to hear back from Sony that most of their Japanese work force was safe and their mobile plants weren’t in any jeopardy. While this remains true, what we’ve come to find is that the suppliers Sony counts on for a number of

Sony Xperia Mini Pro 2 Pics Leaked

Although the Sony Xperia x10 Mini Pro and the Xperia Mini never officially made it to the United States it was still a hot little phone. The two small form factor devices were released at last years MWC however after the lackluster performance of the full sized Xperia X10 the X10 mini pro failed to

Ericsson Suing ZTE Over Devices And Infrastructure

Swedish company Ericsson (half of the Sony Ericsson empire) has sued ZTE over several patent infringements that involve both handsets and infrastructure. A spokesman for Ericsson said they have filed lawsuits in Britain, Germany, and Italy against Chinese equipment maker ZTE after they tried settling out of court by making ZTE sign a patent licensing

Hands On Demonstration Of The Sony Xperia Arc

While all the hype at CTIA as far as Sony Ericsson goes, was the Sony Xperia Play, there was another phone introduced at CES that was on display at the Sony Ericsson booth. That phone was the Sony Xperia Arc which is the follow up to the Sony Xperia X10 released late last year. The

A Non Verizon Sony Xperia Play Has Passed Through The FCC

Wait hold on a minute! Sony Ericsson clearly said that Verizon Wireless was going to be the first US carrier for the Sony Xperia Play (PlayStation phone) released at MWC last month. Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg even confirmed it in post event interviews.  We even saw a leaked Wirefly page with the Verizon Xperia

Sony Ericsson CEO Renews Faith In Android And United States

On Sunday at MWC Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg sat down with CNET’s Marguerite Reardon and talked about their renewed strategy with Android at the forefront as well as the US market. Sony Ericsson is a partnership between Japanese electronics giant Sony and the Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson.  Back in the 90’s Ericsson actually

Sony Xperia Pro Unveiled At #mwc11

The Sony Xperia Play was one of the most anticipated phones to launch at Mobile World Congress. That wasn’t all Sony Ericsson had up their sleeves. One of those other phones is the Sony Xperia Pro. The Sony Xperia pro resembles the new neo and to a bit, the Xperia X10. While the X10 was

Official: Sony Xperia Play Coming To Verizon

While the Samsung press event was going on Sony Ericsson was also holding their press event officially announcing the Xperia Play.  A lot of the specs are covered here During the event Sony Ericsson exectuves confirmed that the Sony Xperia Play will come to the US first and be available on Verizon Wireless in the