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Camera samples from Sony C650X Odin leak

Sony is popping up on the news every now and then for the two 5” inch devices that they will be launching soon, the Sony Odin and Sony Yuga. The devices in question will be competing against the recently launched HTC device, the HTC Droid DNA, which is the American variant of HTC J Butterfly that was launched little earlier in Japan. The Droid DNA also comes with a 5 inch screen, but it is more popular for the fact that it is currently the only device to have a true 1080p 5 inch display with a whopping resolution of 1920 x 1080. For now, HTC has the game, but eventually several other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG will come up with their own devices as soon as they start manufacturing the displays, which is going to be next year.

Sony Xperia Yuga and Odin are anticipated to be Sony’s flagship devices for 2013 and will be having high definition 1080p 5 inch display. We just cannot talk about Sony smartphones without mentioning about Exmor R branded camera sensor. The company has been using these camera sensors on their smartphones since 2009. Sony’s 2012 mid range smartphone devices such as Xperia U and Xperia Sola also come with 5 megapixel Exmor sensor, and even the Yuga and Odin will obviously come with high end Exmor sensor as they are going to be the flagship devices when launched.
The devices in question are rumored to be using 13 MP Exmor RS rear camera and folks at PhoneArena have laid their hands on some evidence which proves that the device indeed exists. Few images were posted on Picasa recently, and if you take a close look at the EXIF data of these images, you will find out that the images were shot using a Sony C6502 and C6503 device. The C6502 and C6503 codes correspond to the Odin handsets internally.

The images seem to be captured on low-res camera settings meant for emailing/MMS, or shot with the front-facing cam, so they do not explicitly confirm the presence of 13 megapixel Exmor RS sensor or its true abilities, but what we know now is that Sony’s C650X/C660X Sony Odin/Yuga flagship exists.

So what’s the deal about Exmor RS sensor? The specialty about Sony Exmor RS sensors is that their signal processing circuitry resides behind the layer of back-illuminated pixels instead of relying on conventional supporting substrates. As a result, the new sensor modules are physically smaller without sacrificing image, besides having better low light capabilities than the sensors currently available in the business.

One of the pictures is from an album that has “SEMC” in the title, which used to stand for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, so we assume the picture was shot at perhaps the Sony office using a pre-production version of the upcoming flagship device.

The IR blaster equipped Odin is anticipated in the US and it may be offered by T-Mobile. What are your thoughts on the device? Anyone craving for it?

Source: PhoneArena