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French startup develops solar-charging displays

A France-based startup called SunPartner Group is reportedly working on a technology that will allow the displays of mobile devices to draw power from solar energy or artificial light sources to boost the devices’ battery power.


SunPartner uses a technology called Wysips Crystal which involves placing what is known as a photovoltaic layer bonded to micro-lenses on the display. An electronic chip which is able to convert and use the light energy is connected to the display. Such energy charges the photovoltaic layer, as well as the mobile device’s battery.

Various types of displays are supported by the technology, including LCD, OLED, optical screen, bistable, and MEMMS.

Furthermore, the solar-charging innovation will have 90% transparency, which means that it will not interfere with the screen quality or functions on the display. On small devices, the technology also improves the viewing angle.

At present, the technology is still a prototype, and offers 82 percent transparency. It is also estimated to add a very low price of only $2.30 to the cost of assembling a mobile device which will offer the technology.

SunPartner’s initiative is undoubtedly good news for owners of mobile devices, as an extra boost in battery power is always useful. Often, improvements are introduced to batteries themselves, but such so-called revolutionary changes soon prove to be inadequate. Instead of attempting to improve the battery, the French startup started looking for answers in mobile device display.  Hopefully, the innovation will add a considerable amount of power to our devices, instead of giving consumers more false hope. Supposedly, SunPartner’s technology would be able to add 20 percent more time to the normal time provided by a fully-charged battery. Such 20 percent boost will only be possible, however, if the solar cells are also fully charged.

SunPartner, at any rate, seems to truly understand the uses of light energy. The company specializes in creating large outdoor displays, new-generation windows, and improved fabrics, all of which use photovoltaic components.

via talkandroid, sunpartner