Facebook could be readying the launch of a Snapchat competitor

Facebook has been trying to acquire photo and video sharing app Snapchat for quite some time now. But since talks broke down for the possible purchase, reports are suggesting that Facebook could be looking to launch its own Snapchat competitor in the coming days. It is being said that this new app is codenamed ‘Slingshot‘

Social integration: Google’s challenge for 2014

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt admits the need for better efforts in social networking, and says Google will not make the mistake of missing out again. Will we see better Google+ integration in Google products this year? Human beings are such social animals. Case in point: social networks are counted as among today’s most popular

Free Facebook: A smart way for carriers to promote data usage

A big chunk of mobile usage today involves instant messaging or chat, as well as social networking. On average, users spend 65 percent of their social networking on mobile devices, according to ComScore. Facebook itself says that 78 percent of its users access the social network on mobile devices. This makes sense. After all, social

Will Twitter be the next big thing in mobile chat?

Instant messaging seems to be the killer app for smartphone developers these days. With hundreds of millions of users, apps like LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber and the like are making a killing. These have actually gone beyond simple instant messaging. Rather, these companies have built whole content ecosystems around their chat apps: gaming, stickers,

BBM launches social integration, but are you chatting with anyone yet?

BlackBerry has launched an update to its BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS. The latest update includes support for the iPad and iPod Touch, plus additional features for both platforms. Perhaps the biggest update to this release would be social integration — BBM now lets users share their PINs on their social media accounts straight

Google Buzz to finally close down on July 17

Google is officially closing down Buzz on July 17th, a considerable amount of time after it announced its future shutdown back in October 2011. Users of the social network, however, will still be able to read what they posted in the past, thanks to Google’s decision to move the data generated on Buzz to Google

Facebook building a cold storage for forgotten material

If rumors are true, which almost always is the case, Facebook is building a 16,000 square foot data center in Prineville, Oregon to provide storage for older, less looked at Facebook content. The company is looking at reducing energy costs by separating popular views from the less viewed material. Popular text that includes statuses, wall

Twitter has shortened tweet character count by 2

In a move that has annoyed most tweeters, Twitter has reduced the number of characters that a user can tweet as commentary about a posted link by 2. Tweeters are allowed a maximum commentary of 140 words. Previously when they shared a link, the number of characters remaining was 120 which are now reduced to

Facebook Will Introduce Auto-Play Video Ads in 2013

We all love using Facebook, well most of us do anyways. And since there are almost a billion people using the social networking service today, Facebook is a pretty rich company. And that’s because of ads. Ad revenue makes up for a huge chunk of Facebook’s income and the company has been known to be

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Wow 98.3% Of Online Americans Use Social Networks

Comscore just released a 69 page study called “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need To Knows About Social Networking and Where it’s Heading.” This startling report showed the trends of many countries across the globe and the impact that people are having on social networking. The United States is one of the most active

Google Social Networking Take 3 The Google + Project

Google has announced the Google+ project. The Google + project aims at fixing awkward and broken online sharing between humans.  In other words it’s Google’s third attempt at social networking.  Their first attempt, a MySpace project called Orkut is only still around because it’s widely popular in Brazil.  Their second attempt, Google Buzz, never really

Win MegaMillions Tonight, Buy MySpace Have Money Left Over

Tonight’s Mega Millions drawing is worth $88 million dollars.  It turns out if you were to win the Mega Millions drawing you could buy an entire social network, Myspace and still live comfortably if Myspace continued to lose money after your win. Allthingsd.com is reporting this morning that two fairly unknown companies have surfaced as

What Is Social Passport We Found Out At CE Week NY

We saw the Social Passport people at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this year in New York, but didn’t get a chance to check out exactly what it is. Today, at CE Week NY we did.  Basically social passport takes all of your social media accounts and rolls them into one.  You then get a QR code

Mobile E-Dating? Social Networking? Meet Moi NOW!

The advent of social networking via mobile phones trippled the volume that any one Social Networking site got overnight, and smartphones pushed that even further with clean UI’s and better notification systems. Now we can take a picture, geotag it, and tweet it to the world in seconds. The point of Social Networking sites are