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Google Shoelace

One of Google’s Teams Working on a New Activity Driven Social Network

Google’s experimental team Area 120 has come up with a social network called “Shoelace“, which plans to connect people with mutual interests online to have activities or meetups offline. It works like any other social networking app, with users being determined based on the common interests you share, and so on. The idea then is to


Twitter files for IPO but will keep business confidential

Following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter has announced they have filed for initial public offering, but details of the offering will not be available straight away, with Twitter keeping business details confidential. The Securities and Exchange Commission allows companies earning under $1 billion in revenue per year to start a private IPO. Unlike Facebook, who

Path now available on Amazon AppStore

Path has started to shape up into a real social network, even though many still have problems connecting with more than 10 friends. Even though the expansion to the Amazon AppStore may not be a huge boom for Path users, it shows the commitment to multiple different platforms. The closed social network allows users to


Path approaches a $1 billion valuation

Path the private social network is raising some more funds to keep the lights on in the offices as it were, the company could receive a valuation as high as $1 billion. According to some sources the company is looking for $75 to $100 million in investment in this round of funding. The private social

Google Buzz to finally close down on July 17

Google is officially closing down Buzz on July 17th, a considerable amount of time after it announced its future shutdown back in October 2011. Users of the social network, however, will still be able to read what they posted in the past, thanks to Google’s decision to move the data generated on Buzz to Google

Yahoo’s new social network Mash to connect like never before

Yahoo has ‘long’ been holding the ‘short’ end of the stick when it comes to social networking and technology. It has lost out to Google both with email and search engine services where Google has the largest share of the social pie. Making an attempt to turn tables and get back on top, Yahoo is

Labbler: The Social Network for Music Professionals And Fans

So you think we have all the social networks that we need right now? A new social network has just began operations and is currently in open beta Labbler is a new social network that tried to be different by catering to music professionals and fans alike. While you might think that this is another

Facebook launches new job board, features 1.7 million job openings

Facebook has become a threat to Linkedln’s presence in social jobs recruiting after the social network giant launched a new Facebook jobs boards that features 1.7 million jobs opening from five different recruiting entities. Facebook started last year a Social Jobs Partnership with few public agencies to post jobs opening already available on their pages

Google+ Wins Crunchie For Best Social Application Of 2011

The 2012 Crunchies just ended in San Francisco California. Despite being constantly pegged as “Apple Fanboys”, TechCrunch, GigaOM and VentureBeat gave the award for best social application to Google+. Google released Google+ their new social network just six short months ago and they’ve been building scale at a rate quicker than any other social network

App Spotlight: Banjo

Social networking is something that intrigues people of all ages. It’s no wonder that there are so many apps based upon this idea. These apps come in many different styles. Some are based upon point systems to show who is out there the most, others are simply ways for friends to communicate with each other.

Google+ Hitting 18 Million Users As iOS Joins The Party

Just before Google’s CEO Larry Page officially announced that Google’s new social network Google+ has 10 million users we told you about a study that Paul Allen, Founder of, was doing. By using some pretty unorthodox methods Allen was able to come to the conclusion that there were 10 million Google+ users, the next