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Twitter - Heart Button

Twitter replaces ‘Favorites’ with ‘Likes’

It was being talked about for quite some time and has now finally happened. #Twitter has officially removed the Favorites button from its web and mobile apps, replacing it with the more universally acclaimed ‘Hearts’ icon. This is something that will be used on #Vine as well, which is a service owned by Twitter. The change might

Burning Galaxy S4: What Samsung needs to learn about social media

Samsung has attempted to silence a complaint on YouTube about a Galaxy S4 catching fire while charging. As social media outbursts go, attempting to hide the problem often backfires, with even worse consequences. Was there a better way for Samsung to have handled the issue? Samsung is the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer, which means

Facebook Connect on Zynga is no longer required

Zynga has made signing in with a Facebook account optional in a continuing effort to establish itself as an independent web and mobile gaming platform. In the past, it was required for gamers to sign in with a Facebook account to enjoy Zynga’s offerings. The move follows several other developments, starting from March last year

Digg prepares Google Reader alternative

Google’s announcement to shut down Google Reader on July 1, 2013 sent many loyal fans of the  RSS reader panicking. On the flipside, however, it opened a door of opportunity for other companies to provide replacements for the Google product. One such company which has announced that it will release a Google Reader alternative is

White House Opens Pinterest Account, Hosts Holiday Social

The White House is now on Pinterest, adding another social networking website to its growing list. Already, it has an account on Facebook, MySpace, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, iTunes, Foursquare, Socrata, SlideShare, Storify, Digg, and Github. On Pinterest, the White House has the account name WhiteHouse44. White House reportedly decided to join Pinterest

SXSW: Mashable Being Sold For $200 Million To CNN?

Last night’s Mashable party at South By Southwest was as usual, off the chain, libations were flowing, people were dancing it was the place to be seen. We heard that Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Ryan Gosling may or may not have been there. We didn’t see Long nor Gosling and we thought we’d recognize

Women Are From Pinterest, Men Are From Google+?

It’s been no secret, and the data supports it, that Pinterest is becoming the social network for women. With all of the craft, cooking, fashion, and make up pins that resonate the new social media platform daily, it’s no wonder that the data confirms this. With all that in mind, new data has been released

Is Facebook A Haven For People With Low Self Esteem?

Last year two studies revealed what some researchers are calling Facebook Depression. Unlike other depressions Facebook Depression is on set from people who are already feeling a hint of depression and seeing the happy posts, pics and videos from friends, families and even complete strangers trigger an even darker depression for some users. A new

FaceBook Releasing Stand Alone Messenger App

Facebook announced via their blog page earlier in the day, that they are releasing a stand alone messenger app for Android.  The new FaceBook Messenger App is supposed to release for Android and iPhone simultaneously.  The app will feature the ability to send and receive all FaceBook  messages. This includes FaceBook email, FaceBook messages (old

Shocker: Blackberry Users Have The Most Klout

Klout has just published a blog post about which types of smartphones the people with the most Klout have.  The original blog post pitted Android and iPhone against each other. Klouts data revealed that smartphone owners as a whole had, on an average, more Klout than average social media users.  However in the original post

Justin Timberlake Plans To Get MySpace NSync

Although MySpace was beginning their rise to popularity sometime back when boy band NSync was still popular, apparently the band’s front man turned actor Justin Timberlake didn’t get the memo, that in 2011 it just wasn’t that way. Justin Timberlake, fresh off the heels of playing Napster founder/ Facebook President, Sean Parker in the award

Win MegaMillions Tonight, Buy MySpace Have Money Left Over

Tonight’s Mega Millions drawing is worth $88 million dollars.  It turns out if you were to win the Mega Millions drawing you could buy an entire social network, Myspace and still live comfortably if Myspace continued to lose money after your win. is reporting this morning that two fairly unknown companies have surfaced as