Facebook Connect on Zynga is no longer required

Zynga has made signing in with a Facebook account optional in a continuing effort to establish itself as an independent web and mobile gaming platform. In the past, it was required for gamers to sign in with a Facebook account to enjoy Zynga’s offerings. The move follows several other developments, starting from March last year

Tag Play Brings Award Winning Funpark Friends Title To Android

Ever since Maxis released the first Sim City title in the late 80’s the simulation category has been thriving. When Zynga introduced a social aspect of simulation games, the category skyrocketed. Now there is a simulation game for every category. The success of the game depends on gameplay, graphics and now social interaction. All three

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Kaijuland is Coming to Android and Facebook

Normally when you think of social gaming, the first game that comes to mind is Farmville by Zynga. This game became extremely popular on Facebook and its iOS counterparts. However, farming isn’t very exciting. Zynga then released Empires & Allies which was developed to appeal to more hardcore gamers. However even that game is missing

Zynga Teams With AT&T

In the first ever deal of its kind , social gaming powerhouse Zynga has joined forces with AT&T.  The creator of such social mega hits as Farmville, CityVille, and Words With Friends, will bring their hit titles, exclusive content and special premiums to AT&Ts millions of customers. What’s clearly set out to start as a

Google Jumping Into Social Gaming?

Really there doesn’t need to be a question mark in the headline but since they haven’t formerly announced any kind of social gaming platform we’ve put the question mark that commonly comes after rumors. Google has posted a job listing for “Product Manager Games, Mountain View”. We all know that Mountain View is the home

Japan’s Gree Acquires Open Feint For $104 Million Dollars

Today in San Francisco it was announced that two global powerhouses in the social mobile gaming space have joined forces to create a social gaming ecosystem with over 100 million users worldwide.  Gree, Japan’s leading social gaming platform announced today that they have acquired Open Feint for $104 million dollars. Open Feint, the largest social

Zynga Hints At All Titles Coming To Mobile

Most of our readers know the name Zynga. If you don’t, it’s the social gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and responsible for the hits Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, Words With Friends and more. In an interview with Reuters this week Zynga’s head of mobile David Ko said “With 250  million people playing our games