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These Android games keep my kids occupied on those long trips

“Are we there yet?” is a common question your restless and impatient kids will often ask during road trips. Whether you’re traveling during heavy city traffic or taking a long drive to the suburbs, kids simply don’t have the attention span to last the trip. Fortunately — or sometimes, unfortunately — these days, mobile devices


Smule’s users Record over One Billion songs in 2012

The music app Smule has been busy autotuning its users for a while now and they have released the figures that in 2012 their users combined have recorded over one billion songs and the company has generated $12.6 million in revenue, watch out with revenue like that Yahoo might offer to buy the company for

Smule launches AutoRap for Android & iOS

If you remember Auto-tune the news, a US web series that was popularized by Brooklyn musician Michael Gregory and later the band The Gregory Brothers, which went viral on YouTube in 2010. The videos basically used digitally manipulated recorded voices of politicians, news anchors and popular peoples to make a song out of it. The