What to do with Samsung Galaxy A50 that can’t send SMS or text

The Samsung Galaxy A50 should not have any issues sending text messages because texting is one of the most common services offered by any mobile phone. Basic phones are always flawless when it comes to this service but it seems like smartphones are the ones that always fail in sending and receiving text messages. In

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can’t send SMS or text messages

If your new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can’t send SMS or text messages all of the sudden, the problem could be temporary. There are a lot of factors to consider for us to be able to determine the reason why it’s happening. It could be a temporary issue with the network or your service provider

What to do if LG V40 ThinQ can’t send and receive text messages

Whether you’re on a postpaid or prepaid plan, your LG V40 ThinQ shouldn’t have any problems sending and receiving text messages but it seems like some users are having these issues. Most of the time when they occur, the problem isn’t really with the phone but with the network or some settings. Needless to say,

What to do if Samsung Galaxy A40 can’t send SMS or text messages

Texting problems are among the most common issues any mobile phone owners may encounter. They occur every now and then but they’re not really that hard to fix. Some Samsung Galaxy A40 owners reported that they can’t send SMS or text messages after the recent update. It’s not really clear if such problems are due